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Connecting Pathogen Genomics 

Genpax is revolutionizing the way bacteria and their antimicrobial resistances are tracked across the world 

Genpax provides a high resolution automated analysis platform delivering unrivalled accuracy, scalability, and connectivity.


The global spread of bacterial pathogens and their increasing antibiotic resistance (AMR) are among the greatest threats to international public health.

10 Million

By 2050, 10 million deaths are predicted annually from antimicrobial-resistant infections alone.


Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) allows discrimination between strains which until recently has not been possible both at scale and at high resolution, preventing its routine use.

Our solution

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Genpax's platform, IDEM, provides connectable, whole genome sequencing analysis, enabling the integration of healthcare systems, governments, and industry to create a global surveillance ecosystem.

Delivers unprecedented accuracy

Identifies related bacterial strains unambiguously 

Detects re-emergent strains

Generates fully comparable data across multiple sites


Sectors we cover

healthcare sureillance of pathogens

Revolutionize infection prevention and control 

Public Health pathogen surveillance with Genpax

Reform public health surveillance from local to global

Food safety wgs with Genpax

Track and trace bacterial pathogens to benefit all

A novel approach for bacterial genomics

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Control Brochure

Find out more about how Genpax's solution IDEM, provides a new approach for infection prevention and control, using Whole Genome Sequencing for continuous testing.

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ASM Microbe 2024 

Come and visit us at ASM Microbe June 13-17 Atlanta, Georgia.


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About Us

Comprising diverse experts from various disciplines, each member of Genpax brings their unwavering commitment to pursue innovative approaches in combating infectious diseases.

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