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Big data

Image by Markus Spiske

In most applications, the quality of data is just as, or more important, than its quantity. While international repositories contain millions of bacterial genome sequences, their usefulness today is limited by non-trivial issues of contamination, poor data coverage and quality, inconsistent annotations, and problematic associated information. 


Genpax makes use of these publically available resources, leveraging the huge investments from public and private institutions in genomics. Our ability to combine, compare, and define the sequences transforms the quality of the data and its value to researchers, policy makers and institutions.

Genpax is able to supplement these existing data sets with information from  sequences analyzed for clients, producing an ever more powerful knowledge resource. This enables us to continuously improve the quality and depth of insight with each new sample we analyse.


Genpax is on the path to become the largest, high quality, interrogatable data resource for bacterial pathogen sequences. Our data will provide a unique resource for discovery and research for Genpax and the wider collaborative community.

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