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Connecting Pathogen Genomics 

IDEM analyzes and interrogates whole genome sequencing data to inform and connect hospitals, healthcare networks, public health and other industries to contain and curtail outbreaks.  IDEM delivers standardized, highly accurate analysis with the greatest sensitivity, to identify and compare any number of pathogens down to the individual variant.

We have built our technology to be fast, easy to use and scalable to provide a global solution for routine pathogen genomics from ward to world. 

Our award wining platform IDEM is now live



Routinely sequence with IDEM analysis to Identify outbreaks within and across sites to improve patient and public health

Reduce healthcare associated infections and preventable deaths

Increase hospital capacity and reduce healthcare costs

Improve food and environmental safety

Easy to use, no expertise or setup costs required

Democratize access to whole genome sequencing for pathogens

An estimated 7.7 million deaths are associated with bacterial infections annually at a significant cost to the global economy.

The steady rise of 
antimicrobial resistance indicates a regression to pre-antibiotic times, forecasting 10 million annual deaths by 2050.

healthcare sureillance of pathogens


Revolutionize infection prevention and control 

Public Health pathogen surveillance with Genpax

Public Health

Reform public health surveillance 

Food safety wgs with Genpax

Food and Animal Safety

Track and trace pathogens throughout the food chain

Pharmaceuticals wgs pathogens Genpax

Life Sciences

Advanced pathogen analysis for a range of functions

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