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IDEM. The most advanced whole genome sequencing analysis, delivering a globally connected solution

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Customer inputs:

  • The sequence file for any supported species

  • Basic sample metadata to support analysis and interpretation (anonymous)

  • Optional metadata (with controlled sharing or confidentiality)

The platform:

  • Automated cloud-based delivery

  • Full SNP-resolution analysis

  • Fast turnaround, results within two hours, regardless of volumes or location

  • Fully comparable results, with comparisons within species or sub-species over time and different locations

  • Data owned and access controlled by the user

  • For surveillance and research purposes only (unless otherwise specifically stated)

  • GDPR / data protection compliant

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Genpax reporting:

  • Laboratory dashboard

    • Batch and sample reporting

    • Detailed QC reports to detect issues and optimize laboratory practices

  • Surveillance dashboard

    • Prioritized reporting of highly related strains within samples and to previously analyzed data for outbreak detection and probable transmission analysis

    • Interactive dendrograms to address potential transmission-linked clusters in detail

    • Optional user-definable additional metadata fields

    • Ability to distinguish same-patient recurrent or re-infection status

    • Inclusion of marker strains for clinically important clones, with the ability to add local marker strains for alert purposes

    • Warnings for sub-optimal sequence information

  • Clinical team reporting

    • Reporting can be filtered for specific clinical teams and ward-associated isolates

    • Individual sample reports to support management review by patient care teams

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