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Easy adoption enables widescale use

While the costs and ease of sequencing have been falling, one common obstacle to adoption is the requirement for local genomics staff and infrastructure. High costs of IT staff, bioinformaticians, and genomic epidemiologists (plus sufficient staff to provide continuity of service) and the initial and ongoing costs of computational infrastructure often provide a barrier to entry. Initial capital and equipment costs that are commonly encountered, particularly in resource-limited health environments, are also a hindrance. Furthermore, people with the relevant qualifications and experience are in high-demand and command good salaries.

With Genpax, all that is required are the laboratory skills and environment to generate the sequence information, which is progressively more accessible with the latest sequencers that are increasingly easy to use. Once a sequence of sufficient depth and coverage has been generated, this is transferred to Genpax through the Cloud, where the analysis is performed automatically. This only requires the input of basic sample information, after which the necessary reports needed for the labora

tory to monitor their performance, for the patient records, and for the infection prevention and control team are returned in easy-to-understand formats that highlight the clinically important and actionable information. No additional computer infrastructure or specialist staffing is required.

Charges are per-test and post-analysis, so there are no up-front costs to adoption nor disproportionate charges while services are being established.


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