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IDEM. The next generation of pathogen analysis

Rise above the noise


Bacteria wgs accuracy

IDEM delivers unprecedented accuracy by detecting true differences and excluding the interference of noise.

Using IDEM it is possible to generate fully comparable data across multiple sites, to detect and focus upon the markers that define transmission-linked strains and infer their connections.


bacteria wgs resolution

IDEM addresses more of the genome than existing solutions (e.g. Sequence Typing or whole-genome SNP). As the number of samples and diversity increase, a high portion of the genome remains consistently analyzed.

High resolution and low noise is vital to detect outbreaks in bacteria that are typically evolving at a rate of only 0 to 10 nucleotides per year per genome.


bacteria wgs scalability

IDEM pioneers open scalability, delivering high-resolution, accurate analysis for detecting, recognizing, and controlling pathogens.


IDEM local outbreaks over time and space, or to compare strains from multiple users with an ‘each-against-every’ strategy for previously analyzed strains, at SNP-resolution makes Genpax fit for the genomic age.


bacteria wgs reproducibility

Accuracy underpins reproducibility. Genpax is the only platform that consistently generates identical full SNP resolution results from replicates and closely-linked clinical isolates.


With our platform, all strains of a species are fully comparable within and between sequencing sites and over time with no loss in speed or quality.


bacteria wgs speed of results

Genpax delivers full analysis results within 2 hours of the sequence file receipt.  Full and robust analysis regardless of the number of submitted sequences and the strains being compared.

Our rapid turnaround of clinically-actionable data allows rapid intervention which is vital for the most effective outbreak surveillance and management.  



The platform is user-friendly, easily understandable, interactive, and produces archivable reports to serve the specific needs of laboratories, public health, and infection prevention and control.


Genpax removes the need for local IT infrastructure and bioinformatics expertise. Simply accessed through the Cloud, it is available to every laboratory with the capability to sequence.

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