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  • Will there be a lot of paperwork involved in setting up an account?
    No, it is a simple process which is included in our onboarding then you are good to go.
  • I’ve got some samples I’d like to get analysed but I don’t have accessing to sequencing on-site – can you help?
    Yes! Send a request through and we can give you a quote for both sequencing and 50% off-analysis. What’s more is that we will wrap it up in one package so there will only be one bill to pay.
  • Should I send multiple different species?
    You can send any of species on our list but if you are interested in finding relationships between your samples then sending larger numbers of each species will be more interesting.
  • How will I get my results?
    Your results will be available on the IDEM portal. You will be given your own login and will be able to play with your own data.
  • Do I already have to have an account with Genpax to take you up on this offer?
    No, this offer is invitation only but can be used even if you don’t already have an existing account.
  • Is there a limit to how many samples can be analysed?
    Up to 100 samples can be analysed as part of this offer. If you have more samples please get in touch as there may be other packages suitable for you.
  • Is there a time limit?
    In order to qualify you must have filled in the request form by 24th December 2023.

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