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The world's most advanced pathogen monitoring platform

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The healthcare environment is a potent reservoir for dangerous disease-causing bacteria. Hospital-associated infections (HAIs) are an international public health issue with an estimated annual cost to the US of $45 billion.

Genpax is ushering in a new era of precision medicine and healthcare surveillance focussed upon the pathogen. Our analysis of whole genome sequence data from clinical samples enables hospital outbreaks to be quickly identified and traced back to the source. In addition, our targeted identification of resistance determinants and virulence-linked genes provides the information required to focus responses on more resistant and dangerous strains.

Genpax provides the most accurate results in a clinically relevant timescale to help reduce avoidable infections, associated morbidity and mortality, and enables considerably improved healthcare efficiency and cost savings.

Our healthcare solution is built with infection prevention and control at its core

bacteria pathogen surveillance using wgs analysis

Proactive surveillance

The Genpax healthcare solution enables proactive genomic-based surveillance for healthcare institutions which is easy to use and scalable to meet the user's needs.


Our solution can unambiguously identify related bacterial strains and compares new samples against all historical samples to detect re-emergent strains and broader patterns of transmission.

Antibiotic treatment review using wgs analysis

Antibiotic treatment review

Genpax’s gene detection tool uses a novel approach to screen isolates for genes that confer antibiotic resistance or increased virulence.

This can be used to contribute to targeted containment of more dangerous strains, and to provide additional information for treatment optimization and review for patient care and antibiotic stewardship such as the UK's Start Smart then Focus.

bacteria pathogen outbreak using wgs analysis

Outbreak analysis

The unparalleled insights of our solution into outbreak dynamics provide infection prevention and control teams with the necessary information to contain outbreaks and implement optimal infection control workflows.

Our unique genomic analysis provides an understanding of the evolutionary relationships, the direction of transmission between samples, and the most likely connections between sources and patients.  This enables the identification of genuine transmission events, discerning unrelated strains and conserving hospital resources.

pathogen surveillance wgs analysis economic benefits

Clinical and financial benefits

WGS-based surveillance of healthcare-associated infections reduces hospital morbidity and mortality with subsequent financial savings to healthcare facilities, which more than offset the cost of improving diagnostics.

Based on our in-house economic analysis of a WGS intervention for HAIs, cost savings would exceed £7 for every £1 invested and $18 for every $1 in WGS in the NHS in England, and the USA, respectively.

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