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For Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control 

IDEM is transformational in distinguishing closely related strains and transmission routes in healthcare systems and a beneficial resource preventing the emergence of antibiotic resistant and hypervirulent strains.​

Proactive surveillance

bacteria pathogen surveillance using wgs analysis

IDEM enables proactive genomic-based surveillance of HAIs to reduce the burden of colonizations, infections and avoidable deaths whilst optimizing the use of hospital resources.

Based on our in-house economic analysis of a WGS intervention for HAIs, cost savings would exceed £7 for every £1 invested and $18 for every $1 in WGS in the NHS in England, and the USA, respectively.

Antibiotic treatment review using wgs analysis

Antibiotic treatment review

IDEM's gene detection capability allows optimization of treatment improving antibiotic stewardship

Scientist on Computer

Outbreak analysis

Our unique genomic analysis provides an understanding of the evolutionary relationships, the direction of transmission between samples, and the most likely connections between sources and patients. 

Our Healthcare Related Resources and Publications

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