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Research and Development

Decoding Bacteria, Transforming Tomorrow

Genomic research in Infection is hampered by the amount of time, resources and expertise it takes to analyse WGS data. With IDEM analysis can be completed within 2 hours of receiving the FASTQ files, meaning researchers don’t have to be experts in bioinformatics and will have more time to work on other elements of their research.

Since IDEM does not rely on a natural reference all results are comparable and there is no reliance on the same reference being used. It is highly scalable meaning projects of any size can be undertaken without you needing access to immense computing power.

The Genpax Team has a strong background in research and is always looking for project partners. We would be glad to hear from anyone considering undertaking a project in this area. In particular the high reproducibility and connectivity of IDEM makes it ideal for larger and multi-site or multi-partner collaborations

Science Lab

Collaborative Research with IDEM

IDEM is a transformational tool for fundamental and translational research. The accuracy and reproducibility of the Genpax analysis enables dispersed laboratories to generate identical and fully comparable results, so enabling collaborative and multi-site research.

Genpax's Solution to Global Genomic Accessibility


Difficulties in accessing bioinformatics expertise and underpinning IT resources is often cited as one of the principal obstacles to the widespread use of genomics. This is especially true in less economically developed regions, who paradoxically bear the major burden of infectious disease. Genpax removes these obstacles by providing a complete high quality solution to all users, without the need for local bioinformatics, genomic epidemiologist, or substantial IT infrastructure.

Genpax Empowering Equality

Genpax provides a level playing field to all those with the ability to generate sequence data, and to enable all to work and collaborate in this space as equals. Our next-generation of analytical capabilities can improve the capabilities of today’s leaders in the field.


Connect with us

Whatever your questions or requirements,  please follow the link below and one of our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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