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One Health

Bridging Bacteria to Benefit All

One Health aims to balance and optimize the health of people, animals and the environment by using an integrated, unifying approach. Until IDEM connecting the genomic information was a substantial challenge. Samples had to be processed together in order to be compared. Now, any samples analysed by IDEM can be compared regardless of origin or date they are processed.

Imagine a world where 2 hours after your sequencing is finished you know how closely related your isolate is to any others that have ever been shared in IDEM.

Food Cooking in Steaming Pots

Comprehensive Food Chain Surveillance

Preventing contaminated goods moving from production lines into the community requires comprehensive surveillance along the entire food chain, constant pathogen profiling, rapid tracing and isolation of contamination sources.


Solutions for Rapid Pathogen Identification

IDEM includes specific resources to address food and animal-related human pathogens, rapidly identifying contaminating strains and comparing them to previous knowledge to identify high-risk strains, and short-term and persistent sources of infection.

Farming Leafy Greens

Preventing Unnecessary Disruptions and Food Waste

IDEM facilitates the identification of coincident isolates as unrelated, or not linked to known farm or process environments, thus preventing unnecessary shutdowns, recalls, and food waste.

Our One Health Resources and Publications

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