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Public Health

The next generation of public health surveillance

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Public Health

The global spread of bacterial pathogens and their increasing antibiotic resistance (AMR) are among the greatest threats to international public health. By 2050, 10 million deaths are predicted annually from antimicrobial-resistant infections alone.

The ability to rapidly and accurately sequence the SARS-CoV-2 virus was transformational in understanding the dynamics of COVID-19 and creating a novel vaccine in record time. Here, genomics was critical to saving millions of lives. However, analytical complexities prevent the use of genomic sequencing in the same way for bacterial pathogen outbreaks. 

The Genpax public health solution offers accurate, proactive local-to-global genomic surveillance, providing a detailed picture of infection and AMR dynamics and enabling swift identification of known and emerging threats to accelerate progress toward public health security. 

Locally to globally, Genpax removes the barriers of whole genome sequencing of bacteria, making consistent, high-quality pathogen analysis accessible to everyone.

The world's most advanced surveillance tool for infectious disease

wgs pathogen surveillance amr

Local to global surveillance

Previous analytical capabilities limit the comparability and deliverability of WGS for public health surveillance of infectious diseases.

The Genpax platform delivers highly consistent, reproducible analysis, regardless of the location of the laboratory and removes the need for expensive local computing resources and bioinformatician expertise.

pathogen outbreak detection using wgs

Outbreak detection

The Genpax platform offers a novel genomic solution with SNP-level resolution throughout the whole analysis process to identify, track, and trace individual bacterial strains both locally and globally for the next generation of outbreak detection.

Our unique scalability enables global collaboration of public health facilities with an unrivalled level of detailed analysis.

automated wgs analysis of pathogens bacteria

Advanced bioinformatics simplified

Genpax democratizes access to the most reproducible, consistent and advanced bioinformatic analysis, removing the most common obstacle to adopting bacterial diagnostic genomics.

Any laboratory with a suitable sequencer and internet access can use our platform to interrogate high-level data analysis and be part of a global collaboration for public health security.

biosecurity and emerging pathogen threats

Emerging threats and biosecurity

The Genpax platform offers the next generation of novel pathogen identification.

Our unique solution is transformational in monitoring the spread of new and potentially dangerous strains and a critical tool in the fight against the emergence of antibiotic resistant and hypervirulent strains.​

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