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Infection Prevention and Control

Infectious diseases move fast, so must we
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Whole genome sequencing analysis is fast becoming recognized as the new gold standard for surveillance in healthcare environments. However, lack of bioinformatic expertise, extensive computing requirements, time-consuming pipelines, and higher cost of implementation have limited widespread uptake.

Genpax overcomes previous analytical limitations and provides infection prevention and control professionals access to the next generation of diagnostic tools for surveillance, enabling effective outbreak management and optimization of infection control procedures.

Our highly accurate analysis can unambiguously identify the true relationships between samples identifying transmission events and likely sources. It allows rapid exclusion of unrelated strains identifying hospital-acquired from community-acquired infections. This analysis provides actionable information for interventions to prevent further transmission events, and to contain more virulent and more resistant strains in the hospital and wider healthcare environments.

The platform also includes identification of virulence and resistance genes of interest to containment and control, and that can supplement the treatment review process for patient management and antibiotic stewardship processes.

Genpax-enabled WGS has the capability to help significantly reduce morbidity and mortality from hospital acquired and other infections. It can also avoid the need for additional diagnostics and treatment, focus the use of personal protective equipment and isolation facilities, avoid unnecessary ward closures and cleaning, and reduce bed occupancy to increase the efficiency of use of healthcare resources.

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