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Affordable, easy to use and high performance bacterial pathogen analysis is now a reality.

Genpax enables any laboratory with applicable whole genome sequencing capacity to access analysis with unrivalled accuracy, providing ability to determine differences and relationships between isolates and strains in ways that were not possible before.

Our platform delivers actionable results to reduce infections and enable more efficient use of resources. Also, our key gene functionality offers vital insights into an individual isolate's genomic makeup to detect antibiotic resistance-causing genes.

Laboratories adopting Genpax do not require any specific computing resources or bioinformatic expertise. Whole genome sequencing outputs are delivered directly to Genpax via the cloud, and results are returned within 2 hours through our web portal.

Automated quality control ensures the integrity of submitted samples and data files, as well as tools to help optimize sample processing. All processing is completed within an encrypted, secure private cloud environment with user controls on data sharing. Furthermore, for laboratories with multiple sites, all results are 100% comparable and consistent no matter where the sample processing and sequencing is done.

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